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The following operations are supported.

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Namespace Children of ::stock2

Namespace Code for ::stock2

namespace eval ::stock2 {
    variable bindMap { StockOperation StocksOperation}
    variable binding soap::documentLiteral
    variable bindingName stock2SoapBind
    variable documentLinks {config ::stock2 simpleTypes ::wsdb::types::stock2 complexTypes ::wsdb::elements::stock2 messages ::wsdb::messages::stock2 operations ::wsdb::operations::stock2 portTypes ::wsdb::portTypes::stock2 port ::wsdb::ports::stock2Port binding ::wsdb::bindings::stock2SoapBind service ::wsdb::services::stock2Service server ::wsdb::servers::stock2Server}

    variable elements
         set elements(StocksRequest) {{
    {Symbol!stock2::symbol {maxOccurs 8 default "MSFT"}}
    {Verbose!stock2::verbose {minOccurs 0 default "1"}}
} {Symbol Verbose}}
         set elements(StockRequest) {{
    {Verbose!stock2::verbose {minOccurs 0 default "1"}}
} {Symbol Verbose}}
         set elements(StocksResponse) {{
    {StockResponse!elements::stock2::StockResponse {maxOccurs 8}} 
} StockResponse}
         set elements(StockResponse) {{  
    {Symbol!stock2::symbol          }
    {Quote!stock2::quote           }
    {DateOfChange!stock2::dateOfChange {minOccurs 0}}
    {Name!stock2::name         {minOccurs 0 nillable true}}
    {Trend!stock2::trend        {minOccurs 0}}
    {DailyMove!stock2::dailyMove    {minOccurs 0}}
    {LastMove!stock2::lastMove     {minOccurs 0}} 
} {Symbol Quote DateOfChange Name Trend DailyMove LastMove}}
    variable frozen 0
    variable host
    variable hostHeader
    variable hostHeaderList
    variable operation StocksOperation
    variable operations {StockOperation StocksOperation}
    variable port 80
    variable portName stock2Port
    variable portType stock2PortType
    variable protocol https
    variable schemaIsInitialized 1
    variable serverName stock2Server
    variable serviceName stock2Service
    variable showDocument 1
    variable soapActionBase
    variable targetNamespace
    variable tclNamespace ::stock2

    variable types
         set types(dateOfChange) {base xsd::dateTime}
         set types(name) {base xsd::string}
         set types(trend) {base xsd::integer enum {-1 0 1}}
         set types(dailyMove) {base xsd::float}
         set types(quote) {base xsd::float}
         set types(verbose) {base xsd::boolean}
         set types(symbol) {base xsd::string enum {MSFT WMT XOM GM F GE}}
         set types(lastMove) {base xsd::float}
    variable url /twist/stockquoter2/
    variable xmlPrefix stock2


Procedures in ::stock2

proc ::stock2::Stock {
    {Verbose 1}
} {
    set StockValue [format %0.2f [expr 25.00 + [ns_rand 4].[format %0.2d [ns_rand 99]]]]
    if {$Verbose} {
	return [list $Symbol $StockValue 2006-04-11T00:00:00Z "SomeName Corp. " 1 0.75 0.10]
    } else {
	return [list $Symbol $StockValue]

proc ::stock2::Stocks {
    {Symbol MSFT}
    {Verbose 1}
} {

    set resultList [list]
    foreach symbol $Symbol {
	lappend resultList [Stock $symbol $Verbose]
    return $resultList